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Dean's Cinelli Vigorelli 2019 Road Convert

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. You know all those hipster ten-speed road bike fixie converts from the early 2000s? When Dean told us he wanted to convert a Vigorelli Road into a fixed gear, the obvious question was “Uhm, why not get the Vigorelli Track?” His response was simple. He liked the purple better. Just when you think Dean has gone full hipster, he tells us that he won’t be needing any bar tape. A number of improvised washers and swapping of cogs later, we give you Dean’s hipster Cinelli Vigorelli Road fixed gear conversion. We hope it serves you well on your commutes for many years to come! . . . #fixie #fixedgear #fixieporn #bikeporn #singlespeed #tarck #tarckbike #savethetrackbike #messlife #messfam #njs #fromwhereiride #baaw #bicycle #cycling #instabike #fishtailcyclery #cinellivigorelli *DISCLAIMER* : Fixed gear bikes are best built with fixed gear specific frames with horizontal dropouts, and although conversions are possible through things like magic gear, we highly recommend building fixed gears with horizontal dropout frame sets only. This was a fun project tho ngl

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