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The Idea Behind Fishtail Cyclery

Fishtail Cyclery started off as an idea born out of the love for speed and adrenaline. While feeling the gush of wind rushing past your ears down Changi Coast was not enough, we brought you to New York to have a feel on what it is like to race alongside with the world's best brakeless riders. This jersey, together with @grunbikeSingapore is a testament to our blood, sweat and tears shed last year. 

Our limited capacity as a independent small shop does not permit us to give huge sponsorships, however much you think we may earn from your purchases. All businesses, other than Carousell shops and popular online shops (W & C) reap profits from no overheads, or simply from the fact that they have a worldwide clientel base. Your local dealers, especially Fishtail Cyclery only has the tiny red dot at the moment.

We've come so far, and would like to announce upcoming plans for sponsorship of upcoming crits, including next year's major crit in the Brooklyn New York. We will start talking to our potential candidates soon. If you feel eligible enough, come approach us.

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