DMR Stage 1 Saddle


Harga reguler $70.00

The DMR Stage1 saddle is a tough, lightweight and versatile bike seat with alloy rails, suitable for everything from All Mountain and Enduro to aggressive trail use.

With the RideSaver system you can strap a tube and canister/tools with you for race day or all day missions and take it off when you don’t need it.
Never get caught short on the road again with this great seat.

DMR Stage 1 bike seats are lightweight and comfortable.


  • SUPERLIGHT FOAM and lightweight CroMo rails.
  • RIDE SAVER strap for tube and tool storage.
  • DYNAMIC PROFILING is comfortable for long days in and out of the seat.
  • LOW PROFILE shape allows easy weight shifting.
  • BLUNT NOSE maximizes usable climbing space.
  • DURABLE satin cover with soft-touch feel.
  • FLEXIBLE spined base.