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CINELLI Superstar Complete Bike (Disc Brake)

CINELLI Superstar Complete Bike (Disc Brake)

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The CINELLI Superstar is Cinelli’s cutting-edge carbon fiber re-interpretation of the legendary Italian stage-racing bicycle that is the brand’s heritage and DNA.

COLUMBUS, when developing the CINELLI Superstar Frameset, obsessed over the way in which inherent qualities of carbon fiber could be used so as to re-produce an aggressively contemporary version of the mythical Italian Grand Tour ride quality.

The CINELLI Superstar Frameset (Disc Brake) not only adheres to a traditional Italian racing geometry (72,5° headtube, 407mm chain stays), but is also characterized by: the shaping of the forms of the frame to allow the greatest precision and customization of the lay-up of different grades of carbon in the construction process.

The proprietary bowed top tube, whose form allows for a controlled deformation of the top tube headtube when the frame is subject to strong vertical or horizontal forces such as potholes, poorly surface roads etc. The controlled deformation results above all in a head tube that remains 8% more parallel to its initial position.

The use of both external and internal PU molds during the carbon curing process allows for greater compression of the fibers and greatly increases long-term reliability of the CINELLI Superstar 2021 Frameset (Disc Brake).

Geometry diagram of the CINELLI Superstar Frameset (Disc Brake):

Geometry chart of the CINELLI Superstar Frameset (Disc Brake):



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