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Shimano FC-7710 Track Chainring Bolt (set of 5)

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The Shimano Dura-Ace FC-7710 Track Chainring Bolts have to hold up to a lot of punishment that comes from the pure power output a serious track rider generates. Since chainrings go on and off the cranks regularly, the bolt has to be relied upon to hold it all together even after multiple screwing and unscrewing. 
The Dura-Ace FC-7710 Track Chainring Bolts have a 5mm head and use an Allen wrench to tighten and loosen. You can have a peace of mind that it will screw firmly into the crank since the inner side of the nut is serrated - the nut will adhere to the crank, which also means that you only need one Allen wrench. Made from steel, they are perhaps a touch heavier than some made from alu', but never underestimate just how much that extra durability is worth, and the extra bit of rotating weight on the velodrome is minimal.