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VITTORIA Terreno DRY Gravel Graphene 2.0 Gravel Tyre

VITTORIA Terreno DRY Gravel Graphene 2.0 Gravel Tyre

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Sidewall Colour

Vittoria Terreno Dry Graphene 2.0 Gravel Tyre

Aggressive file tread, or super low-profile knob design? The Terreno Dry bridges the gap between file treads, and traditional all-conditions treads. The key to this is the unique angled “fish scale” design, that allows the center tread to roll extremely fast, yet offer traction when loaded in cornering and braking. Add the transitional height mid and side tread, and the Terreno Dry transitions as smoothly as it rolls. From gravel grinding to medium conditions cross racing, the Terreno Dry offers consistent performance.

Vittoria TNT, with the TNT technology (Tube - NoTube) the tire features an additional sidewall layer and is suitable for tube or tubeless riding.

Vittoria TLR, the future of the folding tires at Vittoria. TLR means "Tubeless Ready" without additional sidewall reinforcement for supple and smooth rolling characteristics.

  • Model: Terreno Dry
  • Suitable for gravel and cyclocross
  • TPI (TNT/TLR): 120 TPI
  • TPI (Non tubeless): 20 TPI
  • Pressure (PSI): 35-87 (700 x 38C TLR), 35-70 (650B x 47C TNT), 35-72 (700 x 35C Non-tubeless)
  • Pressure (Bar): 2.5-6 (700 x 38C TLR), 2.5-5.5 (650B x 47C TNT), 2.5-5 (700 x 35C Non-tubeless)
  • Weight:  490g (700 x 38C TLR), 550g (650B x 47C TNT), 730g (700 x 35C Non-tubeless)
  • Functionalized GRAPHENE 2.0 compound allows for improved cut resistance and overall strength.
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