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ASCENT Polaris 69mm Carbon Wheelset

ASCENT Polaris 69mm Carbon Wheelset

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Rim Finishing

When you are pushing your absolute limits, you need to trust your gear.

This is why ASCENT designed the POLARIS - 69mm wheels that will carry you through any condition.

Rim Specifications

Rim Depth 69mm
Rim Width 35mm (Outside to Outside)
Rim Materials T700/ T800/ High-Modulus Carbon Fibers
Internal Width 23mm
Bead Type Hooked
Tubeless ready Yes
Brake Track Yes, for rim brake version. Textured braking surface with grooves for water clearance.
Brake Caliper Compatibility Validated with SHIMANO R7000/ R8000 standard mount calipers.


Wheel Specifications

Hub Type DT 350 DT240 DT180
Rim Finish Black Black Raw
Spokes CX Ray CX Ray CX Ray


(Rim Brake)

1650g 1550g 1520g


(Disc Brake)

1700g 1600g 1550g
Price (SGD) $2199 $2799 $3499



Through careful optimization of the rim shape and rim-tire interface via thousands of hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, as well as wind tunnel testing at the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, USA, ASCENT was able to design a rim that works admirably fast. During testing, the rim was faster at 10m/s and 13.3m/s than our 50mm Zenith wheels, and had an improved stall angle. This means more speed, over a wider range of wind conditions, than a mid-depth carbon wheel.


Blowing away the common wisdom that deep-section wheels are hard to handle, the Polaris handles crosswinds with aplomb. Designed with a priority on handling transient gusts, Polaris minimizes steering torque, while maintaining torque linearity to a greater wind angle.  A linear response means that steering is more predictable with less twitching or jerking during sudden gusts, while a lower steering moment means less effort spent keeping the bike moving straight.


Starting with a 28mm tire, we decided to maximize tire volume by choosing an immense 23mm internal width to allow these tires to plump up for increased air volume and lateral stability. While 23mm internal is wider than some rims entirely , our wide, tubeless-ready rim bed allows tires to withstand cornering forces confidently, while the added volume of air absorbs shock from rough roads and delivers exceptional traction.


A responsive wheel feels alive—ready to respond to the rider’s inputs. Liberal use of ultrahigh grade carbon fibers, exceeding the typical T700 and T800 grades used in most rims, and careful fiber placement allow for each Polaris rim to weigh just 530-550 grams for the Ultralight version, and 560-580g for the Standard version, one of the lightest in its weight class. By minimizing the weight, the rotational inertia of the wheels is reduced, producing a lively feel that shatters expectations of what a deep-section wheel should feel like.

The highest-end Polaris wheels with DT Swiss 180 hubs will sport a raw rim finish  - a striking reminder that its owner has chosen the best of the best.

Lifetime Warranty and Crash Replacement

ASCENT is offering the original owner a limited lifetime warranty for the wheels against manufacturing defects. This warranty covers the rims, spokes, and hubs, but does not cover damage due to wear and tear (e.g. bearings, brake tracks), cosmetics,  improper assembly or abuse.

We would love you to ride our wheels with confidence and push your limits. If you manage to damage your product while riding, racing, or even during an accident, we will replace or repair Polaris for you at no cost.

This guarantee is valid for the original owner of Polaris wheels. Labour and return shipping costs are not covered by Ascent.  ASCENT and its distributors reserve the right to refuse warranty or crash replacement guarantee to any person who, in our sole discretion,  abuses our products, programs, or warranty policy. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or intentional damage will not be covered by either policy.

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