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GIM Ceramic Bearings Pulley Wheels

GIM Ceramic Bearings Pulley Wheels

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GEARS IN MOTION (GIM) is a Singapore-based company specializing in movable parts and bearings. Every GIM pulley wheel is assembled with full ceramic sealed bearings and inspected in Singapore. Built for the efficiency-conscious cyclist in mind requiring serious drivetrain smoothness.

Package Content:

Jockey Wheel 1 Upper Jockey Wheel, 1 Lower Jockey. Wheel. Both installed with sealed "GIM" ceramic bearings.
Dust Caps 2 Sets.

2 Pieces of Small Spacer.

2 Pieces of Big Spacer.



Ball Bearings Grade 3 Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) Ball Bearings
Bearing Cage PEEK
Rings Ceramic Inner and Outer Rings
Pulley Wheel  CNC Aluminum
Shields PTFE
Teeth Count  11 Teeth Per Wheel
Drivetrain Compatibility Compatible with all SHIMANO/SRAM 9-11 Speed drivetrain series.
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