Our Story

The word 'Fishtail' is not to be confused with the anatomy of a fish: to us the word draws inspiration from the patterns created by the skillful side skid stopping of a Fixed Gear Bicycle.

Three months after our founding in January 2015, we sent a team to compete in the world's premier fixed gear bicycle race - the Red Hook Criterium, Brooklyn New York Leg in April 2015. The tremendous effort, which we called The FISHTAIL X GRÜN Red Hook Criterium No. 8 Effort, was the first co-operative initiative by a two Singaporean Bicycle Entities to further the sports of Fixed Gear Cycling in Singapore. The initiative was part of an effort to promote Fixed Gear cycling as a serious sporting activity - we were the first in Singapore to send a team of riders to compete in the world's premier track bike event.

At Fishtail Cyclery, we aim to raise awareness and help foster vibrancy within the Fixed Gear Cycling community of Singapore and South East Asia.

We are motivated by the relentless pursuit of excellence and the smile on your face when you collect your bike validates our belief that we are partners to our customers and what we build together will help you reach your next destination in life.